Interaction Designer
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Peter the musician codes up some audio effects w/ a cool interface to boot!


Audio Experience


How will mobile software expand tonal possibilities for guitarists?

Objective —  Design & code an iOS application to enable greater flexibility for guitarists, encouraging freedom of collaboration.

Design Process

  • Observational Study
  • User Interviews
  • Physical Computing
  • Sound Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Wireframes
  • Information Architecture
  • Task Analysis
  • Visual Identity
  • Interaction Prototyping
  • Interface Design
Old School

Old-School = Bulky + Limited Tonality

Bulky effects pedals limit sonic flexibility for jamming guitarists.


Creative Technology

How do you create digital audio software?

Software Programming  —  Expand coding knowledge & experiment with custom digital effects using freeware IDE Pure Data.



How do you code guitar effects?

Experimentation —  Diving into sound engineering, experiments with audio synthesis & signal editing led to a robust guitar effects software package.


Audio Testing

Can digital out-do analog?

Flexibility —  The expansive possibilities afforded by digital effects enable a greater tonal range compared to analog effects, essentially transforming a guitar into a fully integrated MIDI controller.


By the 6th software iteration, the program could transform a guitar signal into a multitude of instruments, from synths to drums to vocal samples.



What defines minimum viability?

Rapid Testing —  Using a pre-developed GUI shortened development time pre user testing & enabled quicker iteration cycles.



How can the Zephyr experience be tailored to guitarists?
User testing with Brown University musicians

User testing with Brown University musicians


Logo and brand development


Information Architecture



How will an interface represent audio processing?

Visual Design —  Developing a set of icons to represent audio effects allowed Zephyr to communicate using a language already familiar to guitarists.

Interaction Video