Interaction Designer


Peter explores audio engineering & interaction design.


Audio Engineering

Vox - Box

Could sharing sounds become as ubiquitous as sharing images?

Objective —  Design and engineer a mobile application to record & share sounds

Design Process

  • Sound Design
  • Physical Computing
  • PCB Prototyping
  • Wireframes
  • Interface Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Interaction Prototyping

Software Development

How would audio recording move beyond voice memos?

Filters for Audio? Experimenting with sound editing & interaction, designed & coded Vox-Box, a vocal sampler that effortlessly creates engaging backbeats.


Electrical Engineering

How would Vox-Box exist as a material interaction?

Ideation —  Early concepts for Vox-Box envisioned a material interaction, using potentiometers and FSRs to adjust the vocal samples.

PCB Prototyping


Physical Computing

Could hardware prototyping inform interaction design?

Prototyping —  Testing preliminary concepts revealed both the software's potential for play as well as how it could be translated to a digital interaction.



How would sound become visual?

Iteration —  Developing a clear visual language required many iterations to translate multi-dimensional physical interactions into a digital realm.



What will draw users to Vox-Box?

Interaction —  Extending the Vox-Box physical prototype & initial interaction sketches, developed a fully realized mobile interaction concept.

Laying Down a Track

Hit record, make some noise! Then freely adjust your beat's tempo, volume, and note length.

Layering Grooves

Adding in multiple audio tracks enables endless opportunities for unique sounds.

Saving & Sharing

Swap tracks and spread the word!