Interaction Designer

Lotus United builds retail experiences

Experience focused Peter interns at a retail design firm, designing environments for Nike, Toms Shoes, & Patagonia among other folks



Lotus United

How can retail experiences move customers & amplify brands?

Objective —  Work with world class brands to design & build outstanding retail experiences which both further the brand's story while improving store layout & efficiency.

Lotus United

Design Process

  • Architectural Analysis
  • Environment Design
  • Materials Design
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Furniture Design
  • Flow Mapping
  • Service Touchpoint Design
  • Physical Branding
  • CAD Modelling
  • Design Visualization
  • Client Review

At Lotus United, We Do Retail

For over 20 years Lotus United has built successful retail programs for the top brands in the world.


Internship Scope

“Peter is the best intern we have ever had.

... He is thoughtful and thorough with his work, very curious by nature and has a wide range of skills which would be a great asset to any team.”

— Thad Donat, Creative Director

6 month internship

40+ retail stores featuring my work

Dozens of client presentations



How can design create an inspiring (& efficient) retail experience?

Disciplines  —  Interior Architecture, Environmental Experience, Flow Mapping & Customer Journeys, Furniture Design, 3D Modeling & Rendering, Material Design & Finishing, Lighting Design.

Toms Plan
Toms Render
Toms Render 2


How will vision become reality?

Process —    From architectural layouts & fixture models to engineering diagrams, manufacturing specs, BoM's, shipping timelines, & final QC checks, the journey to store opening extends far beyond design concepts & initial prototypes.

Whistler Video


What does it take to ship products?

Personal Development —   Gained real-time, in-depth experience shipping products while working directly with clients. Joined a small & focused design team, acting as the primary designer for multiple projects including Whistler Blackcomb's comprehensive retail renovation.