Interaction Designer


Startup hopeful Peter considers circular economies, pain-points, and user interactions for the baby clothes industry.


RISD Thesis


How can sustainability be affordable?

Objective —  Design an economically and environmentally sustainable system where new parents can access high quality baby products.

Design Process

  • User Interviews
  • Market Survey
  • Co-Creative Sessions
  • User Personas
  • Business Model Ideation
  • Market Analysis
  • Value Proposition Ideation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Service Design
  • User Journey
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Identity
  • Design Pitch
The Walmart Experience

"Abundant waste!"  "So many cheap options!" "Unaffordable quality!"


Project Scope

Why spend 12 weeks thinking about sustainability through baby clothes?

Culmination —  Engineered a thesis project to further develop my broad range of design skills. By examining a tough problem in an industry I knew little about, I forced myself to utilize every facet of the design process.

Awarded RISD's Rachel Carson Award for employing design to address environmental concerns & social issues.


Design Scope

Is there a difference?

An unaffordable investment —  Environmentally & developmentally, top quality baby items tangibly better, both for babies & the planet.

Comparing material qualities of eco-friendly luxury brands (like RudyJude, <1% market share) with bargain brands (like Walmart, 70% market share) reveals astounding differences in environmental impact, price, & durability.

Comparing material qualities of eco-friendly luxury brands (like RudyJude, <1% market share) with bargain brands (like Walmart, 70% market share) reveals astounding differences in environmental impact, price, & durability.

The Kiddo Mission


How do baby clothes bring value to new parents?

Investigations —  User traits, pain points, & goals. Available products, shopping experience, value added. Baby focused startups & innovations. Market dynamics, material flows, & macroeconomic perspective. Business model design, circular economies, service design, accounting.


User Research

Who is Kiddo for?

Process —  phone interviews, in-person interviews, online survey, observational studies, generative & co-creative sessions, guerrilla testing, extensive desk research.

Parent interviews

Parent interviews

Qualitative survey responses

Qualitative survey responses

Desk research investigating online baby clothes sharing

Desk research investigating online baby clothes sharing


Value Proposition Research

What service should Kiddo provide?

Process —  Extensive research to discover user pain points. Service & product ideation & prototyping. User journey testing & iteration. Extensive feedback from parents & stakeholders.

Initial user journey for guerrilla testing

Initial user journey for guerrilla testing

Understanding brand value &amp; used-goods apprehensions

Understanding brand value & used-goods apprehensions

In-store observational research

In-store observational research


Market & Business Model Research

How will Kiddo make expensive products affordable?

Methods —  Circular economics, case study analysis, service design, competitive analysis, business model ideation, light accounting.

IDEO's Circular Design Guide

IDEO's Circular Design Guide

Analyzing sharing economy &amp; baby focused startups

Analyzing sharing economy & baby focused startups

Circular economy case studies from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Circular economy case studies from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Insights & Strategy

How will Kiddo live up to its mission?

Research driven iteration —  Developing Kiddo as a business required constant iteration, testing, and user feedback. Focusing on target user groups & developing initial service & value propositions, then bridging into market position & business model ideation, Kiddo's business plan emerged.


User Segments

Who is Kiddo targeting?

Insights — Not everyone loves to share. Of the parents most excited about secondhand clothing & eco-conscious systems, four distinct personas enable a multi-sided platform in which each user segment assists another in fulfilling their goals.

Succinct user personas

Succinct user personas


Service & Value Proposition

How does Kiddo help its users?

Service — By connecting Kiddo's targeted market segments, Kiddo empowers eco-conscious new parents to find high-quality baby clothes at a fraction of their retail price.


Brand & Market Positioning

What makes Kiddo stand out?

Identity —  Discovering the core of Kiddo's brand promise & identity required feedback from parents in order to feel joyful & childish yet slightly rebellious.

Kiddo Competition


How does Kiddo reach its users?

Strategy —  Discovering who Kiddo's customers trust, and where to reach them led to a diverse & considered marketing strategy: offering influencers free Kiddo credit, word of mouth outreach at consignment centers, & brick & mortar competitors.

Brand Partnerships

Brand Partnerships

Storefront In-Person Outreach

Storefront In-Person Outreach

Influencer Highlights

Influencer Highlights


Business Model

How will Kiddo grow?

Circular Economics — Borrowing business model elements from the uniform industry enables Kiddo to maximize potential revenue by continuously leasing used kids clothes.

Kiddo Revenue Flows
Business Model Accounting


What defines an effortless system?

Envisioning a company —  Kiddo is a business & service design concept. Developing a service blueprint aligned with user journeys, as well as a refined visual identity guide, crafted the Kiddo story.


Service Blueprint

How exactly does Kiddo work?

Service Framework —  Utilizing an existing framework to detail Kiddo's service model helped to communicate Kiddo's complexities.

Service Blueprint

User Journey

How does each unique customer interact with Kiddo?

Perspectives —  Each journey details a users' interactions with Kiddo, from first discovery to returning used garments.


Visual Identity

How will Kiddo establish a brand?

Communication —  In order to resonate with parents, Kiddo needed to appear light-hearted & joyful. Developing the identity began with extensive visual research & then bridged into color, type, and application iterations, culminating with a printed brand guide.

The Kiddo Mission


Senior Studio —  Selected for senior studio, our primary project deliverables included mid-term & final critiques in addition to weekly presentations, reviews, & feedback sessions.


Midterm Review

How can a review accelerate ideation?

Pin-Up —  Rather than solely present my progress, I used my midterm review to garner extensive feedback on my ideas, complete with jazz accompaniment.

Midterm review &amp; feedback session

Midterm review & feedback session

Peer Power

Final Presentation

How would I pitch Kiddo to investors?

The full A-Z —  To present & defend my work, I both delivered a practice pitch to ID professors & guest critics as well as created a deck of process books & accompanying posters, curating my work for a public gallery exhibition.

Practice pitch

Practice pitch

Process Books

Process Books


“Your work is quantitatively & qualitatively remarkable...

... the amount of thinking and the amount of testing you’ve gone through during the semester are evidence of your professionalism, maturity, and commitment”

Paolo Cardini, Professor