Interaction Designer


Concussion expert Peter co-creates with football players & parents to make concussion recover a whole lot simpler.


RISD Studio: Design Entrepreneurship


How can concussion recovery be less painful & complex for athletes & their families?

Objective —  Design a system to dramatically improve the concussion recovery experience for high-school athletes & their families. 

Design Process

  • User Interviews
  • Market Survey
  • Co-Creative Sessions
  • User Personas
  • Business Model Ideation
  • Market Analysis
  • Value Proposition Ideation
  • Marketing
  • Usability Testing
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Interaction Prototyping
  • Visual Identity
  • Interface Design

What is a concussion?

A concussion (or minor traumatic brain injury, mTBI), at its simplest, is a bruised brain most frequently caused by an impact to the head.


Problem Scope

What makes a concussion so debilitating?

multiple concussions can cause permanent brain damage

~40% of patients diagnosed with depression within 1 year of concussion

65% of concussions occur in young athletes

1 week to 6 month recovery


Concussion Symptoms
Symptom Tracking

Enabling parents to track their athletes' symptoms enhances communication, providing a more accurate road to recovery.

Responsive Symptoms

Empowering athletes to understand how specific activities impact their symptoms provides clarity about returning to academics or athletics.


Aegis Store

Providing comfort

Information Hub

Delivering Clarity

Community Forum

Enhancing Communication

Research & Strategy

What is recovery like? How can Aegis improve the experience?

Insights —  The current flurry of concussion information and gimmicky products leads many parents to feel confused. With many influential parties directing an athlete's recovery, an accessible platform would provide much needed clarity.

Research Activities  —  Interviews with athletes & their parents, generative card-sorting, broad survey of high-school athletes, athletic trainer & medical professional interviews, extensive best-practices research, economic analysis, competitive analysis, concussion app research, co-creative sessions with Brown University football players.


User Research

How do concussions impact athletes?

Medical Research

What makes an exemplar recovery process?

Market Research

Which solutions have been tested?

User Persona

Who are the key players for recovery?

Connections —  Parents have the most influence during the recovery process; however, they're seldom on the same page as their kids or athletic trainers...

Parent Persona

Value Added

What will improve the recovery experience?

Athletes need comfort & social connection in order to stay positive & focus on healing.

Parents need clarity, both to understand their athletes' symptoms & recovery process.

Trainers need communication to help athletes & parents create positive outcomes.

Exploring comfort objects

Concussion guides for parents

Aegis app to connect parents & trainers



How will Aegis deliver comfort, clarity, & communication?

Process —  Use sketches & initial paper prototypes, testing & co-creation, to arrive at a more refined service concept & user experience.



What brings comfort during concussion?

Ideas —  Physical objects, as symbols, as reminders, & as tactile experiences can enhance comfort while concussed.

Co-creation session

Exploratory paper prototypes



How will Aegis connect with both teens & parents?

Rationale —  Somewhere between Nike & Mass General Hospitol exists potential for a cross-generational brand identity.



How will Aegis transform experiences?

Prototyping —  Initial research informed Aegis' value proposition, service model, and product direction.


5 concussions later...

Why youth athletes? Why concussion?

Growing up an athlete, I lived both the foundational lessons & unfortunate drawbacks of youth sports. Aegis is meant to showcase how accessible technology can encourage young athletes to engage with the positive lessons of athletics while helping to minimize risk & anxiety surrounding those frequently unavoidable negative impacts.